The Duchess of Cornwall - Interests and Hobbies

As the young Miss Shand she left school with one O-level, an ability to fence and a £500,000 inheritance from the Cubitt family, who had once developed much of Belgravia. The legacy is the reason she never needed to work.

She was a Lloyd's of London Names, but is said to have lost most of her private fortune in the Lloyd's of London insurance market problems.

She is a dedicated horse-rider and enjoys hunting with the Beaufort Hunt. Among her other interests are cited, direct conversation, lunch at the Ritz and Caprice

She came out in 1965, presented at court where her family had friends. As a friend of hers recalls in "Camilla : her true story. Caroline Graham", "She wasn't particularly clothes-conscious; nothing's changed there. But she always exuded a sexy confidence over men. She was quite a flirt, she liked men."

You could say getting a suitable husband has been the quest in her life.


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